DDslider shortcode usage

Example and detailed information about DDslider shortcode, that you can use to insert slides into post or page of your blog without using PHP.  More detailed information, features, prices and screenshots of plugin you can find on our DDslider review page.

You can insert your slider into any post, page or even your own custom post type by using WordPress shortcode or directly by using PHP code into any file.

DDslider shortcode example

Just modify code below (change name of the slider between “quotes”) and paste it to any post or page you already created:

[DDSlider name=”Name of Slider you created”]

Slider should appear after you publish or save your post/page, just check preview.

Step by step instructions

In case you need a bit detailed information. Just follow some simple steps:

  1. Create or open your post/page where you want to insert your content
  2. Create your slideshow in DDslider admin/management panel
  3. Remember or write down the name of your slider
  4. Copy shortcode example:
    [DDSlider name=”Slider name”]
  5. Paste/insert copied shortcode to your post/page content (in some cases you need to switch from Visual to Text post editing mode and paste code in the post source, because WordPress sometimes breaks brackets [] )
  6. Modify Slider name to the name of your slider
  7. Save or publish your post and Preview for changes

So final result in your post should look like this, 3 examples:

DDslider shortcode example

If something goes wrong:

  • Check the name of your slider
  • Try switching post from Visual to Text mode and inserting DDslider shortcode in the needed place
  • Read plugin documentation that is provided after your purchase, it should be in the zip archive you downloaded
  • Try contacting plugin author using the contact form on plugin support page. Author promises to contact you.

This WordPress extension is one of the most powerful slider plugins yet that is sold on CodeCanyon, good luck with using it and improving your websites!

I hope this information about DDslider shortcode will save some time for you. If you need more help – just use comments below and ask, and if i helped a bit – just share post url on Twitter or your blog and i would be very happy.

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