WordPress tip: add short biography to your posts

gigaom-erica-oggHave you ever considered, that short bio, added to your posts, would help your readers to recognize you as the post author? Short and simple biography for every post author is very important if your blog has more than one writers.

Why short bio is important

Consider spending some time to write your bio as a professional, because it can bring you a lot of benefits and advantages:

  • High quality bio will increase readers trust and confidence in you
  • Short biography will increase your blog credibility
  • It is a way to present and advertise your knowledge, skills and experience
  • Readers may contact you if they will see that your skills can help them to solve problems
  • Short biography is helping authors to promote themselves on their blogs

Short biography writing tips

There are some main points that should be considered when creating shortened bio for your blog. Main points are:

  • Start from writing your name and identifying yourself (Name and Surname)
  • Consider writing in third person (he, she)
  • Add your experience or business details to the short biography
  • Try to make it short, clean and clear
  • Don’t forget tu add some facts and important information for readers
  • Be creative
  • Add your contact information or at least link to contact us page
  • Check some examples for ideas online
  • Read and correct many times or give for someone to check your bio
  • Add your photo and links to your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN

Useful resources

Some usefull resources with tips and examples can be found here:

  • 8 Steps to Writing a Bio Like a Pro [here]
  • Short bio examples for work [here]
  • How to write a good bio [here]
  • How to Write a Short Bio About Yourself [here]

Short bio examples

Just take a look at some really good examples for different blogs and news websites authors bios online. Also it you need ideas – just try opening popular blogs you read and get some inspiration!

mashable-bio-elisha-hartwig short bio adam popescu bio techcrunch-chris-velazco techcrunch-matt-burns businessinsider-walter-hickey bio example businessinsider-geoffrey-ingersoll short biography example


And don’t forget to add short biography you wrote to every post author box on your WordPress blog – it will make some small miracles for you and your readers!

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