Hello and welcome to Slider WordPress! We are here for you to help you with one simple thing – choosing nice and simple Gallery, Images or even HTML WordPress slider for your web projects and blogs.

Having a content slider on a website is a very effective way of presenting rich content. A blog owner may wish to display a slideshow of their pictures, or a store may need to promote their best deals. These features can be strategically placed at the top or bottom of the page.

A content rotator can also add value to any web page. These can be configured to scroll automatically, showing the reader a constantly changing stream of interesting items. These can include products, photos or links to other appropriate content.

Why Slider WordPress?

Because it is (was?) really hard to find good software when everyone is telling that their plugin, their extension or their free code piece is the most unique and the best on the planet. WordPress usage is growing all over the world and more and more users start searching for nice and simple content sliders for their home pages and blog main pages.

We are making fair reviews, we analyze features, we put everything you need about every plugin in one place. As simply as we can. And you can comment if you like it, you can rate it it you use it. Very simple – contribute your information about WordPress gallery sliders and other slider plugins and get useful information back.

We would be really happy if you would comment, rate, send us links or even make guest posts. Just participate how you can and help people to find best WordPress slideshow and slider plugins and make web a little bit more nice and beautiful place.

What is unique about SliderWordpress.com?

Well we will focus on usability, on fair reviews and most important information, so you will not need to dig internet and decide what you need. We will try to test some software and make fair ratings. We are open to discussion and we would be glad to help you.

Our goal is to make things about WordPress SlideShow plugins as simple as they can get, so you do not need to hesitate and make your own analysis.

Who we are?

For now we are very small team of two:

  • Marvin A. Smith – writer, online blogger and marketer for more than 7 years. Twitter, Google+
  • Tom K. – software developer, PHP, HTML programmer

This is just the start, but we really hope that with time we will find some people to join us and build our website, write more reviews and make many more interesting things online – from sharing experience to business together.

Live long and prosper!